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Stars of the Silver Screen

- an icontest for the old days -

Silver Screen iContest!
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A silent film is a motion picture with no accompanying, synchronized recorded sound, especially spoken dialogue. The idea of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is nearly as old as the motion picture itself, but because of the technical challenges involved, most films were silent before the late 1920s. The silent film era is sometimes referred to as the "Age of the Silver Screen".

The technology for silent films was invented around 1860, but remained a novelty until around 1880-1900, when films on a single reel became easily produced. The first film was created by Frenchman, Louis Louis-Augustin Le Prince in 1888. It was a three second film of people walking around in a garden. They call it Roundhay Garden Scene.

The art of motion pictures grew into full maturity in the "silent era" before silent films were replaced by "talking pictures" in the late 1920s. Many

film scholars and buffs argue that the aesthetic quality of cinema decreased for several years until directors, actors and production staff adapted to the new "talkies."

The visual quality of silent movies -- especially those produced during the 1920s -- was often extremely high. However, there is a widely held misconception that these films were primitive and barely watchable by modern standards. This misconception is due to technical errors (such as films being played back at wrong speed) and due to the deteriorated condition of many silent films (many silent films exist only in second or even third generation copies which were often copied from already damaged and neglected film stock).

silver_icontest focuses on the stars, movies and culture from the silver screen era. Icons range in time up to the 1960's. One icon per challenge, 5 usual challenges per week, banners immediately following the voting close time. This contest is for those who really enjoy the "old days" and want to add a bit of "classical snaz" to their usual icon day.

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[01] Only 1 entry per contest. 5 contests per week for you to pick and choose from. Special contests randomly. One monthly contest per month. Banners handed out as soon as voting period closes and winners are chosen.
[02] Text, color, brushes, textures, blurring are all allowed (unless specified otherwise). Animation is no longer allowed.
[03] Icons must follow the LJ standards: 40k and 100x100 or less or you will be asked to edit your icon (if it's noticed before the voting). If not, the icons will be disqualified for the week.
[04] Submissions are to remain anonymous. You may not post your icons anywhere else before the current challenge is over. Disqualification for that week will result if posted.
[05] Don't be afraid to join if you're a beginner, you have to start somewhere!
[06] Submit your entry/entries as a comment to the original challenge post, otherwise it could be lost.
[07] I recommend using www.photobucket.com for your image hosting. Tip: LJ does not support icons off of AOL's FTP. Do not use LJ to host your icons as they can be easily viewed by other members.
[08] Icons must be newly created - no using icons that were made previous to the challenge. It's called a challenge for a reason.
[09] All comments will be screened so only you and I will see your entry.
[10] HAVE FUN! Remember that this is a game, and while you may not win this week, there's always next week.


Challenge Posted: Friday after Midnight (central)
Challenge Ends: Friday @ Midnight (central)
Voting Begins: Friday after Midnight (central)
Voting Ends: Saturday @ 10 pm (central)
Winners Announced: Saturday After Voting Ends (banners included or soon after!)

[01] Weekly: Mary Pickford
[02] Weekly: Bela Lugosi
[03] Weekly: Audrey Hepburn
[04] Weekly: Charlie Chaplin
[05] Weekly: Greta Garbo
[06] Weekly: Jimmy Stewart
[07] Weekly: Linda Darnell
[08] Weekly: Cary Grant
[09] Weekly: Vivien Leigh
[10] Weekly: Gary Cooper
[11] Weekly: Loretta Young
[12] Weekly: Clark Gable
[13] Weekly: Barbra Streisand
[14] Weekly: Ronald Regan
[15] Weekly: Maureen O'Hara
[16] Weekly: Rudolph Valentino
[17] Weekly: Shirley Temple
[18] Weekly: Montgomery Clift
[19] Weekly: Katherine Hepburn
[20] Weekly: James Cagney
[21] Weekly: Grace Kelly
[22] Weekly: John Wayne
[23] Weekly: Anna May Wong
[24] Weekly: Humphrey Bogart
[25] Weekly: Silver Anniversary
[26] Weekly: Deborah Kerr
[27] Weekly: George Burns
[28] Weekly: Ingrid Bergman [ current! ]

[01] Movie: It's A Wonderful Life
[02] Movie: Sabrina
[03] Movie: Jailhouse Rock
[04] Movie: A Letter to Three Wives
[05] Movie: The Wizard of Oz
[06] Movie: Gone With The Wind
[07] Movie: The Philadelphia Story
[08] Movie: Showboat (1951 Remake)
[09] Movie: Casablanca
[10] Movie: Lawrence of Arabia
[11] Movie: Mary Poppins
[12] Movie: Sunset Boulevard
[13] Movie: Some Like It Hot
[14] Movie: Roman Holiday
[15] Movie: My Man Godfrey
[16] Movie: Auntie Mame
[17] Movie: The Pink Panther
[18] Movie: It Happened One Night [ current! ]

[01] Culture: Betty Boop
[02] Culture: 1950's Commercials
[03] Culture: High Fashion
[04] Culture: Smoking
[05] Culture: Old Toys
[06] Culture: 1920-195 Decor
[07] Culture: Big Bands
[08] Culture: Life Magazine
[09] Culture: Cosmetics
[10] Culture: Travel [ current! ]

[01] Monthly: Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire
[02] Monthly: Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland
[03] Monthly: The Marx Brothers
[04] Monthly: Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez
[05] Monthly: Abbott & Costello [ current! ]

[01] Special: Hitchcock Movie Scene
[02] Special: 50 Members User Info Banner
[03] Special: Mod Icon
[04] Special: Mod Icon
[05] Special: Summer 2007 Header
[06] Special: Personal User Name Icon
[07] Special: Memorial Day
[08] Special: Silver Ann - Then and Now
[09] Special: Silver Ann - Favorites
[10] Special: Silver Ann - Mod Icon
[11] Special: Silver Ann - Community Icon

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