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Week 27: George Burns / Pink Panther / Cosmetics

09 - Actor Entries (A)
07 - Actor Entries (B)
09 - Movie Entries (A)
09 - Movie Entries (B)
08 - Culture Entries

All Due by: Friday, July 13th.


REMINDER: You can request any movie, actor, actress, couple, culture or special challenges here or second one already requested!

The Menu: This Week's Challenges

Actor Challenge (George Burns): You choose the picture.
Actor Challenge (George Burns): I choose the picture.
Movie Challenge (Pink Panther): You choose the picture.
Movie Challenge (Pink Panther): I choose the picture.
Culture Challenge (Cosmetics): You choose the picture.

The Rules: For All Challenges

Only one icon allowed per challenge.
You do not have to participate in all challenges.
You can submit your entries in one post or multiple.
Icons must fit LJ's required size (you all know it by now).
Allowed: Text, tiny text, brushes, effects, frames, blending, color.
Not Allowed: Animation.
Include URL and SRC.
Seperate questions into different posts.

George Burns (Actor A): Your Picture

Example One
Example Two
Example Three
Example Four
Example Five
Or find your own!

George Burns (Actor B): My Picture

Pink Panther (Movie A): Your Picture

** Can use any of the Panther remakes except the newest one that just came out.

Example One
Example Two
Example Three
Example Four
Example Five
Or find your own!

Pink Panther (Movie B): My Picture

Culture Contest: Cosmetics

Any cosmetics of the era. Nothing past 1969.


Burns requested by: My husband XD
Pink Panther requested by: stardust78
Cosmetics requested by: flarn_chef

You can read up on George Burns: Here!
You can read up on Pink Panther: Here!
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Hey, I have a question. Does cosmetics include products such as talc or face powder?

Once I'm here, I won't be around from next Saturday, 14th, to the 22nd of July. Is that a problem if I enter a couple icons, but I can't vote next round?
Yes and ... yes!
Just a quick question - can anyone enter into this contest? This is my first time popping over from the lims. Thanks :)
Yep! (and welcome)

This is your usual icontest. Well, not USUAL .. we're special in a pretty sense.

Okay, I'll shut up now.


10 years ago

LOL, I just noticed that Burns was requested by the hubby! Cute.
Yeah. I bother him sometimes ^_^

Deleted comment