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Requests Go Here!

So far I've been pulling the actors, actresses and movies out of my own head. I'd like to hear your ideas!

If you have any you'd like to see, please post them below.

Famous Couples:

Note: Famous couples don't have to mean romantically. Can be people who made movies together a lot, famous friends, etc. Can mean more than two (we had the Marx Brothers, for instance).

Note II: You can request people/titles/ideas already on the list. I'll just add you to it. The more people want it, the more likely it will be chosen first.

Allen Jenkins (jordannamorgan)
Boris Karloff (jordannamorgan)
Burt Lancaster (rochvelleth, girlboheme, queensjoy)
Christopher Plummer (queensjoy)
Claude Rains (jordannamorgan, silvretine)
Danny Kaye (damnskippytoo, queensjoy, jordannamorgan)
David Niven (stardust78)
Dirk Bogarde (rochvelleth)
Edward Everett Horton (damnskippytoo, jordannamorgan)
Errol Flynn (silvretine)
Frank McHugh (jordannamorgan)
Fred Astaire (damnskippytoo)
Fredric March (jordannamorgan)
Gene Kelley (damnskippytoo)
Glenn Ford (damnskippytoo)
Gregory Peck (damnskippytoo, haels_batman, nerweniel, girlboheme)
Henry Fonda (queensjoy)
Jack Lemmon (damnskippytoo, girlboheme)
James Mason (rochvelleth, stardust78)
Jeremy Brett (queensjoy)
Joel McCrea (girlboheme)
Kirk Douglas (stardust78)
Laurence Olivier (stardust78)
Leslie Howard (jordannamorgan)
Lew Ayres (jordannamorgan)
Lionel Barrymore (jordannamorgan)
Lon Chaney Sr. (stardust78, silvretine)
Louis Jourdan (queensjoy)
Louise Brooks (carrieross)
Marlon Brando (girlboheme, queensjoy)
Maurice Chevailer (queensjoy)
Mel Ferrer (queensjoy)
Omar Sharif (queensjoy)
Orson Welles (spaceyplum, flarn_chef)
Paul Newman (girlboheme)
Rex Harrison (queensjoy)
Richard Burton (rochvelleth)
Richard Harris (rochvelleth, haels_batman)
Robert Mitchum (girlboheme)
Robert Walker (queensjoy)
Rory Calhoun (damnskippytoo)
Sean Connery (haels_batman)
Sidney Poitier (girlboheme, flarn_chef)
Steve McQueen (queensjoy, flarn_chef)
Stewart Granger (rochvelleth)
Vincent Price (damnskippytoo, jordannamorgan)
William Powell (spaceyplum, damnskippytoo, girlboheme, jordannamorgan)
William Holden (girlboheme)
Yul Brynner (girlboheme, flarn_chef)

Ava Gardner (girlboheme)
Barbara Stanwyck (girlboheme)
Bette Davis (nerweniel, flarn_chef)
Carol Lombard (damnskippytoo, girlboheme)
Clara Bow (girlboheme)
Claudette Colbert (spaceyplum)
Debbie Reynolds (damnskippytoo)
Doris Day (dragonlady981)
Elizabeth Taylor (stardust78)
Eve Arden (damnskippytoo)
Gene Tierney (queensjoy)
Ginger Rogers (spaceyplum, damnskippytoo)
Gloria Swanson (girlboheme)
Greer Garson (flarn_chef)
Joan Blondell (spaceyplum)
Joan Fontaine (spaceyplum)
Judy Garland (damnskippytoo, girlboheme)
Julie Andrews (queensjoy)
Julie Christie (girlboheme)
June Allyson (damnskippytoo)
Lauren Bacall (damnskippytoo, nerweniel, queensjoy, stardust78)
Leslie Caron (queensjoy)
Margaret O'Brien (damnskippytoo)
Marilyn Monroe (stardust78)
Marjorie Main (damnskippytoo)
Myrna Loy (spaceyplum, damnskippytoo)
Natalie Wood (girlboheme, stardust78)
Olivia de Haviland (girlboheme)
Phyllis Calvert (rochvelleth)
Rosalind Russell (spaceyplum, damnskippytoo, flarn_chef)
Sophia Loren (damnskippytoo)
Veronica Lake (girlboheme)

Ingrid Bergman/Cary Grant (nerweniel)
Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy (winter_kismet, nerweniel)
Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart (queensjoy, nerweniel)
Mary Tyler Moore/Dick van Dyke (winter_kismet)
Maureen O'Hara/John Wayne (queensjoy)

A Streetcar Named Desire (girlboheme)
Adam's Rib (nerweniel)
An Affair To Remember (winter_kismet)
Angels With Dirty Faces (jordannamorgan)
Arsenic and Old Lace (damnskippytoo)
Bridge on the River Kwai (girlboheme)
Brief Encounter (girlboheme)
Bringing Up Baby (nerweniel, flarn_chef)
Catcher in the Rye (winter_kismet)
Christmas in Connecticut (damnskippytoo)
Dark Passage (nerweniel)
Death Takes a Holiday (jordannamorgan)
Dinner at Eight (damnskippytoo)
Dr. Zhivago (girlboheme)
Father Goose (damnskippytoo)
Feild of Dreams (winter_kismet)
Footlight Parade (flarn_chef)
Grand Hotel (damnskippytoo, nerweniel)
His Girl Friday (spaceyplum, damnskippytoo)
Holiday (nerweniel)
Holiday Inn (damnskippytoo)
How to Marry a Millionaire (damnskippytoo)
I Dream of Jeannie (castlelady)
Indiscreet (nerweniel)
It Happened Tomorrow (carrieross)
Jane Eyre (spaceyplum)
Little Women (damnskippytoo, nerweniel)
Magnificent Seven (flarn_chef)
Meet Me in St. Louis (damnskippytoo)
My Fair Lady (haels_batman)
North by Northwest (stardust78)
Notorious (haels_batman, nerweniel)
Oceans 11 (winter_kismet)
Pocketful of Miracles (damnskippytoo)
Rebecca (stardust78)
Scaramouche (rochvelleth)
Scarlet Pimpernel (jordannamorgan)
Singing in the Rain (damnskippytoo)
Sleepless in Seattle (winter_kismet)
Spellbound (haels_batman, nerweniel)
Splendor in the Grass (girlboheme)
Sullivans Travels (girlboheme)
Summer Stock (damnskippytoo)
The Bishop's Wife (damnskippytoo)
The Farmer's Daughter (flarn_chef)
The Gazebo (damnskippytoo)
The Pajama Game (spaceyplum, flarn_chef)
The Roaring Twenties (jordannamorgan)
The Women (damnskippytoo, flarn_chef)
To Have And Have Not (nerweniel)

Cars (girlboheme)
Cartoons (winter_kismet)
Eisenhower (girlboheme)
Every Day Fashion (winter_kismet, carrieross)
Family Life (girlboheme)
Frankiln D.R. (girlboheme)
Hats (girlboheme)
Inventions (winter_kismet)
Kennedy (girlboheme)
WWII Propaganda (carrieross)


You can find a list of already done challenges on our PROFILE PAGE.
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