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New Affiliate List of Bigness and Hugeness:

Please post below if you are interested in affiliation with our contest.

* Last Updated: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
* Added New Communities

Sister Communities

classics_stills A Retro Hollywood Icon Challenge
classicicontest Classic Movie Icon Challenges
monroe_stills Marilyn Monroe Stillness
silver_lims Silver Screen Last Icon Maker Standing
silver_stills Stars of the Silver Screen Icontest


1960sicontest 1960's Icon Contest
beauty_stills Beauty Stillness Challenge
botanicalstills Botanical Stills
bw_stillness Black & White Stillness
city_lims Cities of the World LIMS
culture_awards Icons Showcasing the Past
fantasy_contest Fantasy Contest
hero_stills Romantic Hero Stillness
icon_roulette Icon Roulette
isilme_stills Fantasy Icontest Graphics
nature_icontest Icontest For All Things Nature
period_stills Period Stills
pinup_stillness Vintage Pinup Girls iContest
photo_icontest Elite Photo Icontest
regency_stills Stillness Contest for the English Regency
romance_stills Romance Book Art Icontest
scifi_stillness Sci-Fi Stillness


amateuriconists Amateur Iconists
anything_lims Anything Goes LIMS
basic_icontest Basic Icon Contest
dream_contest Dream Icontest
elitefandom Elite Icon Challenge
iconstillness Icon Stillness
kismet_icontest Total Randomness
my_awards The Icon Maker's Awards Community
ps_anonymous PS(P)-Anonymous
still_silent Hush / Stillness Random iContest

Famous Men

bean_stillness Bean Stillness
cbale_challenge Christian Bale: An Icon Challenge
dan_icontest Dan Radcliffe Icon Challenge
dave_stillness David Wenham Stills
david_stillness David Boreanaz Stillness Icon Challenge
db_lims David Boreanaz Lims
dg_stills Diego Luna & Gael García Bernal Stillness
ewanstillness Ewan McGregor Icon Challenge
firth_stills Colin Firth iContest Community
greg_stillness Stillness Community for Greg Sanders
i_james James McAvoy Stillness
jamescagney James Cagney Icontest
jm_stillness John Mayer Stillness Challenge
julian_stills Julian Casablancas Stillness
pwolf_stills Patrick Wolf Stills
rickman_stills Alan Rickman Stillness
sawyerstillness Sawyer Stillness
viggo_stills Viggo Mortensen Icontest
vigorli_stills VigOrli_Stillness Icon Challenge

Famous Women

aj_icontest Angelina Jolie Icon Challenge
amber_icontest Amber Tamblyn Icon Contest
amy_contest Amy Lee Challenge
angie_challenge Angelina Stillness Icon Challenge
charisma_stills Charisma Stills
bosworth_stills Kate Bosworth Stillness
brittstillness Brittany Murphy Challenge
emilielims Emilie De Ravin LIMS
emilie_stills Emilie Autumn Stills
ethereal_nicole Ethereal Nicole
fergie_ic Stacy Ferguson Challenge
icontest_here Idina Menzel iContest
keirastillness Keira Knightley Icontest
lilly_stillness Evangeline Lilly Stillness Community
liv_stillness Liv Tyler Icon Stillness
michelle_stills Michelle Branch Stillness Community
mk_stills Mary-Kate Icon Test
rachelb_stills Rachel Bilson Icon Stillness
sidle_stillness Sara Sidle Stillness Community
watson_icontest Emma Watson Icon Challenge

Famous Men: Multiple

boys_ichallenge A Male Celebrity Icon Challenge

Famous Women: Multiple


Famous Celebrities: Multiple

_celebicontest Celebrity Icontest
celebslims Celebrity LIMS Community
davidandgillian David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Icontest
dg_stills Diego Luna & Gael García Bernal Stillness
jls_stillness James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz Stilln

Fashion + Models

_beauty_icon Beauty Icontest
coutureicontest Couture Icontest


afi__challenge Interactive AFI Icon Challenge
amy_hush Evanescence Hush Icon Challenge
gd_icontest Green Day Icontest
indie_stills Indie Rock'n Roll Icontest
nin_icontest Nine Inch Nails Icontest

Random Movie

film_challenge Film Challenge
movie_stillness Movie Stillness
scifamovielims Sci Fi and Fantasy Lims
theatre_stills Theatre Stillness
tv_movie_icons TV and Movie Icontest

Movie Fandom: Single

cornycollinshow The Corny Collins Show: Hairspray
pirates_hush Pirates of the Caribbean Hush Icontest
sparrowstills Jack Sparrow (Pirates) iContest
swicontest Star Wars Icontest

Movie Fandom: Multiple

lotr_sw_hp_art Lord of the Rings - Star Wars - Harry Potter Contest

Lord of the Rings

fellowship_hush Fellowship Hush
lotr_awards Lord of the Rings Awards

Harry Potter

draco_chorus The Draco Malfoy Chorus
ginny_challenge A Ginny Weasley Icontest
gof_stills A Goblet of Fire Icon Contest
hermione_stills Hermione Granger Stillness
hp_awards Harry Potter Icon Awards
hp_icontest_ Weekly Icontest for Harry Potter
hp_oscars Harry Potter Icontest Community
hp_stillness Non-Animated Harry Potter Icon Contest
lumos_lims Harry Potter LIMS Challenge
malfoy_icontest The Malfoy Icontest
snape_stillness Snape Stillness


d_ladicontest The Walt Disney Ladies Icontest
disney_contest Disney Stillness
disney_hush Textless Disney Icontest
disney_awards Disney Awards
disneyawards Disney Icon Awards
wd_icontest A Weekly Disney Icon Challenge

Random Television

britcomicontest British Icontest
tv_movie_icons TV and Movie Icontest
ulttvchallenge Ultimate TV Icon Challenge

Television Fandom

70s_challenge That '70s Icon Challenge
bloodtiesstills Stillness Community for Blood Ties
dlchallenge Danny/Lindsay Challenges (CSI)
fireflyhush Firefly Hush - Silent Serenity
friends_stills Friends Stillness
fs_stillness Farscape Stillness
ga_stillness Grey's Anatomy Stillness
gg_chorus Gilmore Girls' Chorus
heroes_ch Heroes Challenge
heroes_hush NBC Show Heroes Hush Challenge
hex_stills Hex Stills
himym_icontest How I Met Your Mother Icontest
house_challenge House M.D. Icon Challenge
jericho_awards A Jericho Icontest
lims_heroes Heroes Lims
lost_challenge Lost Episodic Challenges
psychstillness Psych Stillness
river_icontest Icontest for River Tam of Firefly and Serenity
[Unknown LJ tag] Tudors Icon Contest
urban_ic Urban Icon Challenge
wg_challenge Will & Grace Icon Challenge

Television Fandom: Multiple

deadandkicking Dead Characters LIMS and iContest
sd_stillness Bad Guys from Firefly/Buffy/Angel/Charmed
the_white_hats Good Guys from Firefly/Buffy/Angel/Charmed
joss_by_episode From Firefly/Buffy/Angel


p3_icontest The Power of 3


alias_challenge Alias Challenge
sydvaughn_still Syd/Vaughn Stillness


bones_hush TV series Bones textless Icon Challenge
bones_stillness TV series Bones Stillness Icon Challenge


super_icontest Supernatural iContest
super_stillness Supernatural Stillness

Buffy / Angel

icon_shindig Btvs/Ats Shipper Icons
ai_scoobie_chal Team Members from Buffy/Angel
angel_stillness Angel Stillness Awards
any_icon Angel / Buffy Icontest
anya_stillness Anya Stillness Icon Challenge
ats_challenge Angel Icon Challenge
ba_thunderdome A Buffy and Angel Icon Challenge
balims Buffy / Angel LIMS
biteable_icons Biteable Icon Challenge
btvsats_contest BtVS & Angel Icon Contest/Challenge
btvsats_girls The Girls of BtVS & Ats Icon Challenge
btvsats_guys BtVS & Ats Guys Icon Challenge
ca_stillness Cordy and Angel Stillness Icon Challenge
giles_stills Rupert Giles Icontest
i_heart_joss Challenge For Fans of Joss Whedon
just__buffy Just Buffy
just__willow Just Willow Icon Challenge
willow_247 Willow Stillness
xander_icontest Xander Icontest

Cartoon / Animation / Comic

garfield_ic Garfield Icontest
x_men_stills X-Men Icon Challenge

Anime / Manga

adventawards Advent Awards
aeris_awards Aeris Gainsborough Icontests
animeawards An Anime/Manga Icontest
akatsuki_awards Akatsuki Icon Awards
bebop_chorus Cowboy Bebop Chorus
bishoujo_awards Bishoujo Awards
bleach_icontest Bleach_Icontest
bleachorus Bleach lyrical Icontest
bssm_battle Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Battle Arena
digi_icontest The Digimon Icontest Community
ff8_awards Final Fantasy VIII Awards
flcl_awards Icontest for FLCL
furuba_chorus A Fruits Basket Icontest
furuba_hush Fruits Basket Hush
ix_awards Final Fantasy IX Icontest
kouga_stills The Kouga Icontest
wickedalbel Fanbase for Albel the Wicked
wolfsrainawards Wolf's Rain Icon Contest
ynm_icontest Yami no Matsuei Icontest


100_kingdom Kingdom Hearts 100 Challenge
kh_iconawards Kingdom Hearts Icon Awards

Final Fantasy

ff12_awards Final Fantasy XII Awards
ff8_awards FF8 Awards
ffx_x2_awards Final Fantasy X & X-2 Icon Awards
ix_awards Final Fantasy IX Icontest


dj_capslock DJ's Movie Captures
dont_be_so_base Community for Bases
itutorial iTutorial
oicontests About Obsessive Icontests
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